Sacramento Association of Consultants

SAC assists companies doing business with state and local government entities. We provide high level strategic advice to help companies:

  • Assess opportunities and advise on feasibility
  • Provide insight and advice on the project approval authority process (understanding of the various stages and approval processes)
  • Provide understanding and timing of budget, funding mechanism and funding sources
  • Assist with Executive Sponsor, Key stakeholders and Influencers – how to manage relationships
  • Counsel on navigation through the control agencies
  • Counsel on procurement approach and strategy (e.g.; getting departments to understand and utilize all available contract vehicles, advising and development of a procurement strategy, etc.)
  • Project Execution- advise on strategies to make projects successful

Our team will work with your company on specific targeted organizations to help move efforts forward. We'll help you coordinate meetings with State Agency/Departments decision makers.

We will help you with strategic and teaming opportunities -identifying and advising on potential teaming opportunities with prime or subs (partnering) that will add value to bidding opportunities. Coordinate meetings as appropriate.

We will assist your company with planning and communications to build a strategic and practical framework that will assist in gaining opportunities to compete (e.g.; submittal of proposals - leading to increased market share).

We will assist in and review the preparation of a high-level communications strategy and appropriate materials for presentation to appropriate decision-makers and constituencies.

We will work with your company to develop brand identification and awareness within state and local government operations.

We will advise your company on what IT events to participate in and how best to leverage events and contacts (assisting with increasing your companie's name recognition).

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